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To Prof. Harry Nelson
Chairman of the 2009 Panofsky Prize
Physics Department
University of California, Building 572
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
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Copy to the Division of Particle and Fields of the American Physical Society (APS)
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I hereby nominate for the 2009 Panofsky Prize the Italian American physicist Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli (formerly from Harvard University, currently President of the Institute for Basic Research, see Curriculum), a recipient of many honors around the world, including several nominations for the Nobel Prize in Physics and, separately, for Chemistry (see the independent British web site Santilli-Galilei Association).

The first motivation of this nomination is Prof. Santilli's serious commitment to serious science. In fact, he OPPOSED the creation by the APS of the Panofsky prize because Panofsky opposed the conduction at SLAC and elsewhere of direct experimental verifications of the expected inapplicability of Einstein special relativity and quantum mechanics in the interior of hadrons. The verification was needed due to gross insufficiencies and manipulations of measurement on the dependence of the meanlives of unstable hadrons with speed and other adaptation to Einsteinian and quantum theologies of other experiments via ad hoc parameters and other unethical practices at the APS and its journals (for technical identification and denunciation, see Volume IV of Hadronic Mathematics, Mechanics and Chemistry

Whether intentional or de facto, Panofsky opposition to said fundamental experiments was manifestly in support of asocial, amoral, ascientific interests on Einsteinian doctrines initially organized by Panofsky's friends at Harvard University and then propagated to the rest of the scientific world. Four volumes of denunciation and documentation of this so sinister an episode were published in 1984-1985, including correspondence with Panofsky, and they are now available - for the entire scientific world to see and denounce - as free downloads in the web site Ethical Probe of Einstein's Followers in the USA: An Insider's View

The asocial, amoral and ascientific misconduct by Panofsky and his friends set the stage for the ongoing scientific obscurantism on Einsteinian doctrines and quantum mechanics that, more recently, mandated a public denunciation of the Nobel Foundation available at Public denunciation of the Nobel Foundation because of organized suppression, or otherwise obstruction, of due scientific process on the resolution of increasingly cataclysmic climactic changes.

Einsteinian doctrines and quantum mechanics are notoriously reversible over time, thus valid for the physical conditions of their original conception, such as atomic orbitals, particles in accelerators, crystals and many more reversible systems, but the same theories are irreconcilably incompatible with irreversible systems, such as all energy releasing processes. Hence, the belief imposed by the APS and Panofsky friends on the exact validity of Einsteinian doctrines for all conditions existing in the universe constitutes, nowadays, a serious threat to mankind due to the need of surpassing these old doctrines via structurally irreversible coverings, such as Santilli's genospecial relativity and Lie-admissible branch of hadronic mechanics recently published by the Italian Physical Society (see Lie-admissible invariant representation of irreversibility for matter and antimatter at the classical and operator level).

In fact, due to their reversibility over time, Einstein's special relativity and quantum mechanics predict that, following the combustion in air of a piece of wood, smoke and ashes must reconstruct spontaneously the original piece of wood or that, following the synthesis of two nuclei into a third, the latter must spontaneously disintegrate into the original ones, in brutal violation of the sacred principle of conservation of the energy, causality and other basic laws. From their irreversible structure, Santilli genorelativity and the Lie-admissible branch of hadronic mechanics prohibit acausal time reversal events, while predicting new clean energies and fuels so much needed by mankind nowadays under industrial development following large corporate investments (under the oblivion of corrupt academia), while admitting Einstein special relativity and quantum mechanics as trivial, rather simplistic particular cases. This illustrates the mandatory need of irreversible coverings of Einsteinian and quantum theologies to resolve the increasingly cataclysmic climactic changes afflicting mankind. This also provides technical evidence that any opposition in authoritative posturing (such as that by Panofsky when Director of a U. S. National Laboratory) to professional studies on the surpassing of Einsteinian and quantum theologies, is indeed a threat to mankind perpetrated under public U. S. support and in violations of the Laws of the Land, which threat must be denounced by anybody who really cares about society rather than serving enemies of society.

On more specific grounds, I hereby nominate Professor Ruggero Maria Santilli for the 2009 Panofsky Prize in EXPERIMENTAL Physics for his successful laboratory synthesis of neutrons from protons and electrons occurring in stars, as presented in the paper in press On the laboratory synthesis of the neutron from protons and electrons.

This experiment is of absolute fundamental relevance, with no recent experiment that could compare even minimally in value, implications and novelty, since it refers to the first and most important synthesis in nature prior to any nuclear syntheses, thus mandatory for any serious research on the controlled nuclear fusion. As a matter of fact, Santilli's neutron synthesis provides a quantitative identification of the reasons all nuclear fusions, including the hot and cold fusion, have failed to achieve industrial relevance to date despite the expenditure of about one billion dollars in public funds in various countries. The laboratory synthesis of the neutron was proposed by Prof. Santilli to Panofsky when director of SLAC and to other laboratories in the U. S. and around the world. Its conduction was systematically rejected despite its transparent fundamental character and very low cost because of the notorious irreconcilable incompatibilities of the neutron synthesis with Einsteinian and quantum theologies, that is, incompatibilities so great that they cannot be adjusted via ad hoc parameters, throwing in unknown functions fitted from the preferred theories and other unethical practices at the American Physical Society under the abuse of vast public funds precisely because of the backing by physicists in authoritative posturing such as Panofsky (for said irreconcilable incompatibilities, see the author's review The Rutherford-Santilli neutron in press as part of the 30-th anniversary celebrations of the founding of hadronic mechanics, Anniversary celebration with some of the quoted vast literature being available at IBR scientific works

In summary, the creation at the American Physical Society of the Panofsky prize was a payoff to Panofsky by organized, asocial, amoral and ascientific interests on Einsteinian theologies for services he rendered to said interests via the suppression of serious pursuit of new scientific knowledge, a conduct by said interests that has been systematic through the decades (due to numerous documented cases of academic "rewards" following vulgar manipulation of evidence to comply with the beloved Einsteinian theologies), which conduct has caused immense damage to the image and dignity of physics in the United States of America. Hence, this nomination is submitted as the best way for the American Physical Society and its Panofsky friends to initiate corrections of their ongoing asocial, amoral and ascientific posturing in physics via the imposition, particularly at APS journals, of preferred theologies for physical conditions immensely beyond those of their original conception by Einstein himself, imposition perpetrated under the abuse of public funds and the consequential violation of the Laws of the United States of America. The irony is that, due to blinding greed and an Arian-type illusion of power, the American Physical Society and its Panofsky friends do not realize to have lost all scientific credibility vis a vis mankind and history, and the later they implement corrective measures, the bigger will be the damage against mankind for sinister personal gains and, consequently, the bigger will be the condemnation by society and posterity because, sooner or later, physical truth always emerges.

J. V. Kadeisvili
Institute for Basic Research
P. O. Box 15778, Palm Harbor, FL 34683, U.S.A.
email "xyz88887 at gmail dot com"

Acknowledgment: The author would like to express his sincere gratitude to Dr. William Pound, Chairman of the International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability for allowing the upload of this Denunciation-Nomination in the web site of the Committee and for the widest possible propagation of its existence.


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